Solidar Suisse’s vision and aims

We have a vision for a just and fair world, free from discrimination, exploitation and violence in the spirit of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s. We fight for decent work, social justice, equal opportunities and participation for all in democratic processes. We want to eliminate extreme inequality.

Solidarity and human rights

Human rights serve as our guiding principles. They are universal and non-negotiable. Resources, good, services and economic opportunities must be distributed fairly in order for human rights to be upheld around the world.


We support vulnerable groups and people in precarious situations. We do not see them as recipients of charity or victims, but as independent, acting human beings, who can fight for their rights.

Inclusion and equality

We respect all people regardless of their gender, origin, religion, social status, sexual orientation and their physical abilities. All people should enjoy the same rights, opportunities and entitlements.

Responsibility and transparency

Solidar Suisse promotes a culture of personal responsibility, networking and development. We are competent, innovative and reliable. We are committed to transparency.

Our impact

We systematically document the impact of our projects. The results are assessed on an annual basis. Interviews with participants and studies into the topics we work on create transparency and enable us to improve the way we work.

Solidar Suisse Strategy & Impact Evaluation

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