Social Justice

Today the wealthiest 10% of people own over 80% of global wealth. 20 billionaires own approximately the same wealth as nearly 4 billion people – nearly half of the global population.

What is social justice?

Article 1 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “All human beings are born free and equal and should be treated the same way”. Extreme inequality threatens this historic achievement and, alongside climate change, is the greatest challenge of our time. Solidar Suisse works towards fairer global distribution. Yet social inequality does not only manifest itself in the distribution of wealth. There is also a global rift when it comes to consumption of resources – the richest 1% of the population is responsible for 15% of carbon emissions, while the poorer half of the global population is responsible for only 7% of emissions.

The gap is ever increasing

People at a dump site outside Nairobi People at a dump site outside Nairobi

Workers at a landfill site in Kenya. © Reuters

Shift of power to distributive justice

Gewerkschafter und Arbeiterin bei ihr Zuhause Gewerkschafter und Arbeiterin bei ihr Zuhause

C.CAWDU distributed emergency relief packages during the first Covid19 wave. © Solidar


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