Become a member of Solidar Suisse

As a member you will join our shared vision for a fairer world, free from extreme poverty and social injustice.

Together with 7,000 other members you will give Solidar Suisse more clout in awareness-raising campaigns and political advocacy work in Switzerland. As a member you will be invited to our annual General Assembly and you will have voting rights at the meeting. Like all regular donors, you will also receive a copy of our quarterly magazine ‘Solidarity’.

We offer the following membership packages:

Individual membership

CHF 70 / year

Couple or family membership

CHF 100 / year

Local or regional collective membership

CHF 250 / year

National collective membership

CHF 1000 / year

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70 = Individual membership
100 = Couple or family membership
250 = Local or regional collective membership
1000 = National collective membership

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