Your solidarity works!

The coronavirus crisis is affecting many of the countries of the Global South even more drastically than Europe. The staff of Solidar Suisse are doing everything they can to protect the poorest people in our project countries from the impact the pandemic is having on their health sector, economy and society. Here are some examples of our activities on the ground.

Bangladesh: Help for workers and Rohingya
Transnational fashion brands have cancelled orders in Bangladesh worth over 3 billion US dollars in the year 2020. Four million people are employed in the country’s textile factories and risk having no income at all. And the situation in the refugee camps for Rohingya people who have fled Myanmar is even worse. So the coronavirus crisis is hitting the country particularly hard. We are providing the Rohingya with information about how to avoid catching the virus, and assist the textile workers with emergency aid in cooperation with our local partner organisation OSHE.

Pakistan: Prevention in poor settlements
Our local partner organisation distributes soaps and disinfectants and we inform the population in poor settlements about dangers and protective measures with leaflets. Workers in sewing workshops are trained to make protective masks and we distribute the masks to sick and vulnerable people. Through our project to support working children, we have identified families in urgent need of assistance due to loss of income.

Burkina Faso: Aid for displaced people
Solidar Suisse informs the population about prevention measures with posters in three national languages (Mooré, Dioula, Fulfuldé). The information is also shared via social networks and Whatsapp. With the awareness campaign, we also want to reach IDPs in particular and thus prevent the further spread of Covid-19. Thanks to the construction of two new wells, the water supply for 10,000 refugees in camps will be improved. Solidar Suisse also distributes masks in particularly busy places such as schools, markets and in front of churches and mosques.

Donation Examples

For 50 CHF: Prevention measures in Burkina Faso

With 50 CHF you support the dissemination of radio information on the most important prevention measures against the Corona virus in the villages of Burkina Faso.

For 100 CHF: Hygiene kits in Moçambique

With CHF 100 you provide several hygiene kits with soap and disinfectant to needy families in Moçambique.
families in Moçambique.

For 250 CHF: Food and medicine in El Salvador

With CHF 250 you support families in need in El Salvador with food and urgently needed medicines.

Your solidarity works!

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