Bosnia and Herzegovina

Political burden

The political structure with three different, fragmented areas – the two entities of the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the independent Brcko District – is one of the reasons for the immense bureaucracy and deep division of the society, which is caused by the power struggles between the competing ethnically defined political parties. Together with the growing social inequality this leads to dissatisfaction among the population.

Poor working conditions and misery for refugees

Asylum applications and action plans against labour law violations

Solidar Suisse supports refugees stranded in Bosnia, including many families and minors travelling alone. We help them to file asylum applications in order to protect their rights. Where possible, traumatised people are given psychosocial support.
In addition, we collate violations of the labour law in textile factories and cooperate with unions, human rights and women’s organisations to develop strategies on improving working conditions. We jointly implement these action plans and exert pressure on companies and political decision-makers.

Dignity for textile workers and refugees

Please donate to improve the situation of refugees and textile workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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