Prospects for women and young people in Central America

Solidar Suisse in Central America

Solidar Suisse creates prospects for women and young people, combats violence against women and helps disadvantaged people in Central America to live better lives.

Inequality and violence

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven poverty, inequality and political instability in Central America. The restrictions on movement have led many workers in the informal sector to suffer significant losses of income.

Jugendkomitee mit Trommeln in El Salvador

Music against violence in El Salvador. © Solidar Suisse

Creating prospects

Solidar Suisse’s support in Central America has a special focus on young people and women. We promote a culture of democratic participation to counter organised crime.

We work with local NGOs, small-scale farmers and youth and women’s groups. In addition, we promote employment options for young people through vocational training programmes. In rural areas we work in cooperation with farmer organisations to champion the development of sustainable and climate-resilient production methods.

We also provide humanitarian assistance. In recent years, hurricanes, droughts and the Covid-19 pandemic have caused significant damage. Alongside direct assistance in the wake of disasters, we work in cooperation with communities to improve prevention in order to better protect people from the impacts of climate change.

Support women and young people in Central America

With your donation, you will be supporting women and young people and sustainable development in Central America.

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