Fifa: for a fair World Cup

The Football World Cup has a poor human rights record – workers are repeatedly exploited, people are displaced and street vendors are deprived of their income. Solidar Suisse pressures Fifa– in its capacity as World Cup organiser it is within its power to uphold human rights.

Exploitation and displacement

Human rights are grossly violated on a regular basis in the run-up to a Football World Cup. For instance, tens of thousands of people were driven from their homes ahead of World Cups in South Africa, Brazil and Russia. Stadium workers had to toil for low wages. Street vendors lost their income. In Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 World Cup, foreign workers are systematically exploited. Fifa organises the World Cups and makes billions in profit, yet for years it has shunned any responsibility for the abuses associated with the championship.

Worker in his accomodation Worker in his accomodation

Miserable shelter for migrant workers in rich Qatar. © Thomas Nyberg

Pressure and talks

Since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Solidar Suisse has been raising awareness about the human rights violations associated with the Football World Cup. Efforts have been focused on Switzerland, because Fifa is headquartered in Zurich. Through campaigns, well-informed research prior to and following World Cups, requests, petitions, films, letter initiatives and face-to-face discussions with Fifa executives, we repeatedly force the football association to confront unpleasant facts.

FIFA takes action


In South Africa, stadium workers and in Brazil, street vendors benefited from the Solidar campaign. And Qatar has improved its labour laws.

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