Rohingya: surviving in overcrowded camps

Since 2017, over 900,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar due to the military’s violent repression of the ethnic group. They are refugees in camps at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and survive in extremely precarious conditions. Solidar Suisse provides them with vital assistance in the spirit of restoring their autonomy and protecting their dignity.

The biggest refugee camp in the world 

Since the Rohingya were subjected to systematic violence in Myanmar in 2017, 900,000 people have fled to Bangladesh. The majority of them sought refuge in the southern part of the country in camps at Cox’s Bazar, where people live in extremely precarious conditions (poor sanitation, insecure shelters, insufficient employment options, etc.). In addition, this influx creates numerous challenges for the local authorities, including deforestation, reduced access to water, employment and basic healthcare, etc. The precarious situation also gives rise to severe social problems such as violence against women, human trafficking and tensions between the refugees and local communities.

The Rohingya receive support to construct their new shelters.

Autonomy and dignity 

Food and decent housing

Solidar Suisse engages to support the Rohingya and local communities. In terms of accommodation, we have renovated over 1,100 bamboo shelters to make them more stable and provide decent living spaces. The process of renovating them includes creating a secure cooking area and a place for personal hygiene. In order to improve the food security of the refugees, we also support them in planting their own vegetable gardens despite the cramped conditions.

Support the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The need in the refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar is huge. Your donation makes it possible to provide crucial assistance to the Rohingya refugees.

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