Burkina Faso

education and food security

The majority of the population in Burkina Faso is under 20 years old. The country is afflicted by chronic poverty, armed conflict that has displaced hundreds of thousands and it also suffers from the impact of climate change. For many years, Solidar Suisse has been engaging in Burkina Faso to improve access to education and food security among the rural population.

Poverty and illiteracy

Over two thirds of the 20 million people in Burkina Faso work in the agricultural sector, but the agricultural practices they use are often inefficient and climate change is leading to significant water shortages and soil degradation. There are high levels of poverty and many farmers’ daily lives are characterised by hunger.

Dry soils in Burkina Faso Dry soils in Burkina Faso

Water ditch: Climate change and erosion are drying out the soil. © Andreas Schwaiger

Escaping poverty through education 

Together with local partner organisations, Solidar Suisse offers small-scale famers courses in arithmetic, writing and French. Course participants learn how to create basic accounting and set up a small business. We set up community nurseries to relieve the burden on mothers. The bilingual schooling system and vocational training developed over many years enable us to create prospects for young people.

Two women walk smiling across a green field. Two women walk smiling across a green field.

Projects in Burkina Faso

Support for people in Burkina Faso

Help the people of Burkina Faso. With your donation we can secure the livelihood of farming families and give children a future.

Your donation

With your donation you will be helping children, young people and disadvantaged groups in Burkina Faso to have better chances in life.

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