Against social inequality in South Africa

After the end of the apartheid in 1994, South Africa established democratic principles and a progressive constitution. Yet today South African society remains characterised by huge social and economic injustices. There is nowhere in the world where inequality is as high as it is in South Africa – with 63 points, the country comes out at the top of the Gini index in terms of income disparity. Solidar Suisse has been engaging for social justice and against racism in this context since 1991.

Unemployment and exploitation

The unemployment rate in South Africa is currently over 40% and people who are employed are often exploited for a very low wage.

Vor der CWAO Beratungsstelle: Treffpunkt von Arbeiter*innen Vor der CWAO Beratungsstelle: Treffpunkt von Arbeiter*innen

The Casual Workers Advice Office in an industrial suburb of Johannesburg. © Solidar Suisse

Legal advice and strikes

In South Africa we cooperate with local NGOs and trade unions to advocate for workers employed on precarious terms. Legal advice enables them to organise themselves to take issues to the courts or to organise strikes or demonstrations.

Support workers in South Africa.

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