Emergency aid and reconstruction in Sulawesi

In 2018, the eastern coast of Sulawesi was devastated by a tsunami, which killed over 4,000 people. At the beginning of 2021, an earthquake wrought significant destruction once again. After both disasters, Solidar Suisse provided emergency assistance and access to drinking water for over 10,000 people. We now contribute to long-term reconstruction by providing loans and training to small-scale entrepreneurs.

A succession of disasters

Market vendors, street restaurants, small artisanal enterprises – tens of thousands of small-scale entrepreneurs were among those impacted by the 2018 tsunami. The population and local economy had barely recovered from the impact of the tsunami when the earthquake that hit at the beginning of 2021 and inflicted huge damage once again.

Bau von Notunterkünften für Vertriebene auf Sulawesi Bau von Notunterkünften für Vertriebene auf Sulawesi

Construction of emergency shelters in Sulawesi. © Darlis Nasution

Disaster risk reduction

To ensure that disasters do not catch people unprepared, prevention and strengthening people's resilience are essential.

Interest-free loans enable small-scale entrepreneurs to source the material they need to rebuild their businesses. Solidar Suisse also provides training on running a business and technical training. This makes small-scale businesses more profitable. In addition, we support the development of production cooperatives, which leads to lower production costs and better marketing options.

In the Donggala district, 3,000 households benefit directly from our economic assistance, which primarily goes to women. The programme is co-funded by Swiss Solidarity.

After the tsunami, Solidar Suisse cooperated with the workers Samaritan association to provide a water supply to 10,000 people. In addition, we funded the construction of 100 latrines. Over 200 day labourers, who could hardly find paid work in agriculture due to the damage, received a temporary income for their help with the clean-up work.


In cooperation with the local organisation Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) we helped 268 fisherpeople to repair their boats, using local materials to do so. Catches of local fish secured the population’s food supply.

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