El Salvador – resilience to climate change

A poor country hit by global warming

El Salvador is affected by drought that is closely linked to the El Niño climate phenomenon. The main livelihood of farmers and their families is cultivating grains, but this activity has been heavily impacted by global warming and they lack the knowledge and means to adapt their production methods. The peasants’ food security is at risk because their harvests are frequently impacted by significant losses.

Acting on behalf of the most disadvantaged

Solidar Suisse supports the most vulnerable people in four municipalities in the departments of Chalatenango and San Vicente, paying particular attention to women and young people. The beneficiaries live off subsistence agriculture, in a situation of extreme poverty. In total, 2,000 people benefit from support from Solidar Suisse.

For many years, Solidar Suisse has worked with a range of peasant organisations. The results show that sustainable agriculture that is adapted to the population’s needs makes it possible to improve food security. Solidar Suisse takes strength from this observation and focuses its intervention in several areas. 

We support the local authorities in implementing public policy on adaptation to climate change. The authorities play an important role – by creating the right conditions (through regulation, awareness-raising campaigns, protection of water sources, keeping an inventory of indigenous seeds), they offer tools and resources to support the population in its resilience building efforts. 

Agro-ecology principles are tested and presented to the population. Solidar Suisse’s project includes cultivating 40 demonstration plots that enable the population to learn good practices. The farmers are encouraged to diversify their produce through the use of indigenous seeds, fruit trees, livestock breeding, greenhouses and silos. 

Pioneering training for young people 

Solidar Suisse has developed an agro-ecological training programme together with the University of El Salvador. It is a basic course that provides access to university studies to young people from very vulnerable families and with a very low level of education. They are given technical assistance and individual guidance to help them set up their own agricultural projects.

Donations for sustainable agriculture in El Salvador

Support sustainable agriculture in El Salvador to help peasants combat global warming.

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