Palm oil - green hell for workers  

90% of migrant workers on palm oil plantations in Sabah in Malaysia come from Indonesia. Most of them do not have valid papers and are defenceless in the face of the exploitation of plantation owners. Solidar Suisse helps create networks of activists on the ground and informs plantation workers of their rights.

Exploitation for cheap oil

Approximately one in six products in Swiss supermarkets contains palm oil. The large-scale cultivation of palm oil monocrops destroys large swathes of rainforest, primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia. Yet it is not only nature that is exploited; on these huge plantations the workers and their families suffer due to issues ranging from precarious working conditions to forced labour.

Female worker spreading fertiliser Female worker spreading fertiliser

worker in a palm oil plantation in Sabah, Malaysia. © Solidar Suisse

Access to education and healthcare 

Effective networks

Awareness of the challenges

It is important to shine light on the problems faced by migrant workers in Sabah. Our reports on the conditions on the plantations and the gross violations of human rights in deportation centres have had a strong impact up to the government level in Sabah. Also the Malaysian human rights commission SUHAKAM responded, and the Indonesian consulate in Sabah is now providing legal advice to Indonesian nationals.

Donate for the people on palm oil plantations

With your donation you will be supporting exploited migrant workers on plantations in Sabah.


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