Job prospects for young people in Kosovo

The vocational training system in Kosovo is hopelessly out of date. It does not prepare young people for the requirements of the labour market. As a result, many emigrate to other European countries while domestic companies desperately seek qualified workers. Solidar Suisse wants to change this.

No access to work

Over half of young people in Kosovo are unemployed. Every year thousands leave the country; they hope they will have better chances of making a living in the EU or Switzerland. On the other hand, employers in Kosovo complain that vocational school graduates are poorly qualified. There are few practical modules in curricula and very little time is dedicated to career planning in the final year of courses. Solidar Suisse uses new approaches to pave the way for young people to enter the labour market.

Porträt von Egzon Shala Porträt von Egzon Shala

Egzon Shala, vocational student in training to become a carpenter. ©Solidar Suisse

Vocational education and internships

We want to improve the quality of vocational training and to make it as closely aligned with the practical requirements of jobs as possible.

Impact: 300 qualified professionals

By the end of 2020, 300 vocational students had concluded a revised course of study, including a work placement, and as a result were much better equipped to enter the labour market. The four modules of tourism, IT, carpentry and metalwork have been introduced in the vocational schools in Peja and are now a permanent component of curricula. Career advice was previously rarely provided in primary schools. Now, this too is offered in Peja and it is viewed as a positive example throughout Kosovo.

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