Water provision in Mozambique

Solidar Suisse has been supporting the construction and reparation of wells in Mozambique since 2011. We provide access to drinking water and sanitation facilities and raise awareness about hygiene. In doing so, we enable tens of thousands of people to live a better life.

Inadequate supply of drinking water

In rural areas less than half of the population has access to a well that provides drinking water. People who lack access to drinking water often become ill, die earlier or are no longer able to make a living. Many people are not properly informed about hygiene and disease. Often the existing wells are poorly maintained and reparations take too long.

Brunnen in Moçambique Brunnen in Moçambique

Village inhabitants fill their containers from a water tank in Macate. © Solidar Suisse

Long-term support

By constructing and repairing wells and small-scale water systems, Solidar Suisse provides access to clean drinking water and hygiene – which were already key pre-requisites for a better life before Covid-19.

Drinking water for 70,000 people

In the past ten years, Solidar Suisse has provided over 70,000 people with access to drinking water; 4,000 people have new sanitation facilities available to them and over 100,000 people have been educated regarding hygiene measures.

Support people in Mozambique

Your donation will go to support people in Mozambique and provide for a good quality public water supply.

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