Modern slavery

Over 50 million people live in modern slavery today. More than two thirds of the people affected are women and girls.

Slavery persists despite the global ban

In 1888, Brazil became the last country in the western hemisphere to ban slavery; in doing so, it ended a long era of systematic violence and exploitation. Yet unfortunately, slavery has not been completely eradicated. Today, according to ILO, over 50 million people continue to live without freedom and in situations of forced labour. Modern slavery comprises forced labour, debt bondage, forced prostitution, forced marriage and human trafficking. The affected workers are exploited through threats, violence, coercion or deception. The victims are generally unable to change their situation by themselves. Solidar Suisse stands up for the victims of forced labour through prevention and assistance measures as well as through advocacy and lobbying.

Risk for women, children and migrants

Forced labour is often not visible and affects a range of jobs often including prostitution, domestic help or construction.

Arbeiter in einer Ziegelsteinfabrik in Kambodscha Arbeiter in einer Ziegelsteinfabrik in Kambodscha

Worker at a brick kiln in Cambodia. © Solidar

Prevention and empowerment

Palmoil plantation on Borneo

Migrant workers and their children are particularly affected by forced labour.

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