Decent work for young Bolivians

Young Bolivians face huge difficulties due to unemployment and precarious work. Solidar Suisse helps them to enter the labour market.

A majority without an employment contract

Three quarters of all young Bolivians work without an employment contract, as street vendors, domestic help, temporary construction or agricultural labours. Others, including graduates, are unable to get jobs because they lack professional experience. Many do not know how to apply for jobs successfully or lack sufficient knowledge about the labour market and their workers’ rights.

Job fair for young people in Bolivia. © Solidar Suisse

Perspectives for young people

Solidar Suisse organises round tables at which young people, the authorities and representatives of the private sector can discuss these issues together. The round tables make it possible for initiatives that would previously have been unthinkable to be launched, including the introduction of jobs for women at brick factories, training for nurses or work placements that lead to permanent employment.


In 2019, 41 young women and 20 young men successfully entered the labour market. Some joined as employees, but most became independent small-scale entrepreneurs. Over 500 young people – again, two thirds of them women – participated in courses on social competence and entrepreneurship.

Donations for young people in Bolivia

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