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Solidar Suisse in Kosovo

Kosovo’s economic situation is poor. There are high levels of unemployment and young people have few employment prospects. This is partly due to chronic political instability and widespread clientelism that is halting the development of the young democracy. There is some hope following the outcome of the early parliamentary elections in February 2021, when the former political elite suffered a severe defeat and the left-wing Vetevendosje party won on an anti-corruption ticket.

Political crisis an unemployment

Jugendliche in einem Elektronik Praktikum
Jugendliche in einem Elektronik Praktikum

Learning in an internship © Din Begolli

Crafting the future

Solidar Suisse bets on young people as the country’s hope for the future. We support them in entering the labour market through career planning advice in their final year and through courses and internships at vocational schools.
On the other hand, we get young people involved in politics. They develop ideas for projects and lobby for these projects in their cities.

Promoting youth in Kosovo means enabling the future

With your donation you will be helping young people in Kosovo to escape unemployment and become politically active.

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